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Introduction of Continuing Medical Education

Date: Jun-30-2008         Author:         Editor: Admin

Continuing medical education, a kind of lifelong education after the graduation, means professional development through education which mainly includes new theory, new knowledge, new technology, and new method. The goal of it is to make the physicians and other healthcare providers to maintain the noble occupational ethics in the professional career, sharpen the specialized working capability and the vocational level unceasingly, improve the grade of service, and adapt the science of medicine technology and public health's development.

According to the requirements of Ministry of Health and Beijing Health Bureau, the continuing medical education in our hospital is as follows.

Who will be educated?
Everybody, who has got the title of intermediate or above (including intermediate) in medicine, the medical technique or pharmacology, should accept continuing education.

Course credit request
Accepting continuing medical education is not only personal right but also responsibility of each professional. The hospital implements continuing medical education by credit system. The courses credit divide into level I and level II according to the project rank. Everybody should obtain at least 25 credits each year, including 10 credits of level I and 15 credits of level II. The staffs of primary title also have to get 25 credits, but without level request.

Course credit classification
Level I. State-level project, province or ministry-level project, first-level academic committee project.   
Level II. Learning independently, publishing the paper, scientific research project, unit project.

1. Wednesday of each week is the academic day for faculties in the hospital.
2. The department of education is responsible for the medical education except nurses;
3. The department of nursing is responsible for nursing staffs' education.
4. Each clinical department sets up a leading team in charging of the continuing education in department.

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