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Beijing Shijitan Hospital, the 9th Clinical Medical College of Peking University
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Introduction of Postgraduate Education

Date: July-15-2013         Author:         Editor: Admin

Beijing Shijitan Hospital has been the ninth clinical medical college of Peking University since 2000, from then, we started postgraduate program in 10 postgraduate education bases, with 18 supervisors of MS degree students and 1 of PhD degree’s.

The Specialties of MS Graduate Students
Research Fields Supervisors of MS Graduate Students
General Surgery Feng Guosheng, Gong Ke, Zhang Nengwei
Cardiology Yang Shuixiang, Peng Jianjun
Gynecology Li Hongxia, Zhou Youzhen
Ophthalmology Xiao Lin
Otolaryngology Yin Jinshu
Oncology Liu Fuquan
Clinical laboratory diagnostics Zhang Man
Endocrine Jiang Tao
Neurology He Maolin
The Specialty of PhD Graduate Students
Research Field Supervisor of PhD Graduate Students
General Surgery Zhang Fuxian

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