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Beijing Shijitan Hospital, the 9th Clinical Medical College of Peking University
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Organization Structure

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Administration Departments Medical Affairs Departments

Presidentís Office
Human Resources Dept.
Financial Dept.
Research Dept.
Education Dept.
Materials and Equipments Dept.
General Affairs Dept.

Medical Administration Dept.
Outpatient Dept.
Nursing Dept.
Hospital Infection-Control Office
Medical Insurance Office
Prevention and Health Dept.

Clinical Departments

Clinical Cancer Center
Dept. of Medical Oncology
Dept. of Surgical Oncology
Dept. of Breast Cancer
Dept. of Radiantion Oncology
Dept. of Internal Medicine
Dept. of Cardiovasology
Dept. of Pulmonary Medicine
Dept. of Gastroenterology
Dept. of Hematology
Dept. of Nephrology
Dept. of Endocrinology
Dept. of Rheumatism and Immunity
Dept. of Allergy
Dept. of Special Medicine
Dept. of Neurology and Psychiatry
Dept. of Surgery
Dept. of Orthopedics
Dept. of General Surgery
Dept. of Thoracic Surgery
Dept. of Vascular Surgery
Dept. of Neurosurgery
Dept. of Urinary Surgery

Dept. of Cardiac Surgery
Dept. of Anesthesiology
Dept. of Gynecology
Dept. of Obstetric
Dept. of Pediatrics
Dept. of Ophthalmology
Dept. of Otolaryngology
Dept. of Stomatology
Dept. of Emergency Medicine
Dept. of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dept. of Anorectal diseases,TCM
Dept. of Orthopaedic and Traumatology ,TCM
Dept. of Acupuncture-Moxibustion,TCM
Dept. of Infectious Diseases
Dept. of Dermatology and Venerology
Dept. of Interventional Radiotherapy
Dept. of Physiotherapy
Dept. of Hyperbaric Oxygen
Dept. of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Physical Examination Center
Dept. of Prevention and Health

Diagnostic Department

Dept. of Clinical Laboratory
Dept.of Diagnostic Imaging
Dept.of Ultrasonic Imaging
Dept.of Pathology

Other Medical Technical Department

Dept.of Nuclear Medicine
Dept.of Pharmacology
Dept.of Clinical Nutrition

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