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Dept. of Neurology and Psychiatry

Date: July-5-2013         Author:          Editor: Admin

After rapid development within recent years, our department not only expanded in terms of experience accumulation, but also developed a unique medically professional culture. Now, it becomes an emphatic department in our hospital.

Our department consists of 2 wards (the ordinary and the cadre respective their patients) comprising over 115 hospital beds. There are 2 neurological outpatients, psychiatric outpatient, the 24-hour open emergency room as well as rehabilitation center. We owns 3 laboratories, include Intracranial Doppler (TCD) center, Electroencephalograghy (EEG) center and Electromyograghy (EMG) center.

Our department includes 97 staff members, including 4 professors and 8 associate professors. All faculty members are enterprising, modest, self-effacing and enthusiastic members.

As a clinical training center, we have provided intern medical education and training, resident on the job training program and advanced training to neurologist fellows from nationwide hospitals annually. As clinical pharmacology drug testing center, we have always attached great importance to scientific research and accomplished several international clinical trials. Our department owns 2 master degree mentors. Among members, 1 doctor owns post-doctor degree, 5 doctors own doctor degree and 11 doctors own master degree.

The outpatient is open from Monday to Friday and is all-day open.

The introduction of sequences of experts in outpatient

Name Professional title Expertise

Visit time



Maolin HE


nervous system diseases, cerebral vascular diseases and neuroimaging

Tuesday Thursday


Sujun SHAO


cerebral vascular diseases, epilepsy, EEG, TCD




Associate Professor

rehabilitation, cerebral vascular diseases



Huiwen XU

Associate Professor

common diseases, epilepsy, EEG



Xiujin LIN

Associate Professor

cerebral vascular diseases, parkinson disease



Rui FU

Associate Professor

cerebral vascular diseases, intervention



Guangli SHEN

Associate Professor

neuromuscular diseases, EMG, cerebral vascular diseases




The acute cerebral vascular diseases
Our chief Maolin HE as a pioneer in field of thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke who first to set up the stroke unit in Beijing. Now, our department set up “rapid path” for the treatment of superacute cerebral diseases cooperated with other departments. The neurological intensive care and the early rehabilitation are also involved in stroke unit. During researching on the therapy of acute stroke, we have established a set of early diagnosis and treatment standard of stroke according to international standard. We provide the patients high quality and comprehensive treatment.

The neurological intensive care unit

The neurological intensive care unit has 7 hospital beds and equipped with advanced monitors. We also have professional nurses and physicians provide the prompt, best and effective treatment for serious patients. The mortality and the mutilation rate are greatly decreased.

The neurological rehabilitation

The neurological rehabilitation centre admitted by the HaiDian District and equipped with a set of modern and advanced equipments. Several experienced physicians and technicians provide professional rehabilitation.

The psychiatry counseling and treatment

We place great effort in psychiatry outpatient. We are responsible for the assessment of patient psychologic status and/or diseases as well as provide treatment both for psychological and physiological. Our outpatient is also one of the online consultation core members of the Beijing Psychiatry Association and utilizes communication advantages improving patient health on a complete level.

The laboratory examinations

The department has sufficient all kinds of neurological examination equipments. All of the technicians have received regular training and have plentiful experience. All of the examinations and diagnosis skills have reached the national best levels. Our three TCD machines work simultaneously every day and can accomplish all the requisitions at the same day. We have two EEG machines respectively, can accomplish the requisition in one or two days. We have two EMG machines respectively, can accomplish the requisition in three or seven days.

The others

We have reached the national best level on the diagnosis and treatment of other neurological diseases, such as the peripheral nerve diseases, the spinal cord diseases, epilepsy, dementia, the nerve-muscular junction diseases, the muscular diseases and so on.

In the ward, we provide rooms with toilet. There are neurological rehabilitation rooms in our two wards respectively, including the physical therapy room, the occupational therapy room and the speech therapy room. There are ten offices in outpatient including the phychological counseling room.

We have amounts of equipments, including three TCD machines, two EEG machines, two EMG machines and one 24-hour blood pressure monitoring equipment which can serve four patients at the same time.

The rehabilitation equipments include one gate training without gravity machine, two extremities continuous passive-active movement machines, one pulsed magnetic field therapy machine, one massage bed with infrared therapy, two sets of computerized evaluation and treatment systems, the complete set of physical therapy equipments including three tilt beds and complete occupational therapy reinforcing equipments.

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