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Dept. of Cardiovasology

Date: Jun-30-2008         Author:          Editor: Admin

The department of Cardiology in the Shijitan Hospitals, with expertise in a broad range of areas of clinical cardiology, is a key and full service institute in cardiovascular field of the hospital, including electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, stem cell therapy clinical trials and outcomes research. The staff members in the department consist of 20 doctors at various levels, over 9 of whom have the master/doctor degree, 8 chief and vice chief physicians, 3 tutors of postgraduate. It has trained 7 postgraduates and presided and involved in several key projects of scientific research, including national 863 project, etc.. There are 82 beds in common ward and 10 monitoring beds in CCU ward. It provides not only specialized inpatient services, but also outpatient service, including holiday and weekend.

Under the leadership of our hospital, the department has been getting a great development since initiation, which obtained certain achievement in medical service, teaching and scientific research. it boasts a digital cardiac catheter lab, modern coronary care unit, fully equipped cardiology testing unit and an internationally recognised research team. The department not only offers an extensive invasive and non invasive diagnostic services, such as coronary angiography, echocardiography, exercise stress testing and holter monitoring, but also a pacemaker implantation, balloon angioplasty and stenting. The department has also developed a "Green Path" for acute myocardial infarction and urgent arrhythmias.

At present, under the leadership of department director, professor Shui-Xiang Yang, postdoctor of Harvard University School of Medicine, the level of diagnosis and treatment of the department, particularly for the elderly patients with multiple organ dysfunction, has taken a leading position domestically.


Green path for acute myocardial infarction
Emergency patients with acute myocardial infarction can be transfered directly into the catheter lab, and will be performed percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTCA) and stenting by doctors without any delay. It significantly decreases the mortality rates of acute myocardial infarction, complications, and improves the prognosis. A success rate of 98.7% had been achieved which reaches the domestic and international advanced level.

Stem cell therapy for myocardial infarction
Autologous bone marrow stem cell transplantation is the latest methods in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction. Our department has taken the leading position of the new technology domestically. The chart below shows a patients anterior myocardial infarction received stem cell transplantation, and 68.2 percent reduction of myocardial infarction area was achieved after treatment.

Pacemaker implantation with electrode onto theoutflow tract of right ventricular
The advantage of the technology is that the electrode was implanted according to the physiological pacing requirements, avoiding the disorder of ventricular contraction due to the apex implantation of electrode. It gives patients preservation of cardiac function.


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