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Beijing Shijitan Hospital, the 9th Clinical Medical College of Peking University
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Dept. of Radiation Oncology

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Beijing Shijitan Hospital (originally, named as Beijing Railway General Hospital, National Railway Ministry) is administrated directly by Beijing Health Bureau. It is a large general hospital with 67 year history with extensive clinical, teaching and research activities. It抯 also a teaching hospital of the University of Beijing since 2001.

There are totally 25 clinical departments, 10 medical affiliated departments, and 1700 staff (including 208 senior Physicians) with 850 inpatient beds. The hospital is equipped with excellent medical facilities including MRI, CT, Accelerator, DSA, ECT, etc. Near 3,000 outpatients consult in the hospital daily.

The Department of Radiation Oncology was established in 1978, there have been more than 10,000 tumor patients treated since then, including those with variety tumors such as derived of H&N, breast, respiratory system, digestive system, urine and genital system, bone and soft tissue, and blood (e.g. malignant lymphomas), etc. the technique level for cancer diagnosis and treatment is quite deep and advanced in China.

3 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professors.
There were many specialty talents were recruited recently as honored senior specialists with enriched experience in radiation oncology, medical radiophysics radiotherapy techniques and/or in medical imaging, such as nationally well known Profs. Weibo Yin, and Wenjiang Shen, etc.

Radiotherapy of child leukemia
Since 1980, in collaboration with Beijing Sick-kids Hospital, there have been several hundred children with leukimia treated with TBI technique ahead of bone marrow transplantation, or treated with 3D-CRT technique in case of local-regional invasion for advanced stage leukemia patients, and good outcomes were achieved for there patients.

Radiotherapy of the eye and orbital cavity tumors
There have been high amount of the eye & orbital cavity patients treated in the department with excellent local control and quality of life improvement for such patients up to date.

Early stage breast cancer radical radiotherapy

The radical radiotherapy after local resection for earlier stage breast cancer patients can reach a similar outcome as traditional radical surgery for these breast cancer patients, the radical radiotherapy can not only have a cosmetic benefit but also conserve the breast.

Radiotherapy of Benign diseases
Some benign diseases also have been or were being treated by radiation therapy in the department include pituitary tumor, cerebrovascular disease, meningioma, notochord tumor, angioma, eye pseudotumor, thyroid grave抯 disease, parotid fistula, spleen hyperfunction, etc., and good results were achieved in there patients.

Mixed irradiation techniques
During treatment, sometimes mixed irradiation (X beam and/or beam mixed fast neutron) technique was used for some special tumor patients like refractory prostate cancer, insensitive tumors (e.g.melanoma), soft tissue tumors, adenoid cystic carcinoma, tumor relapse after treatment, etc.

125I particle implanting techniques
First to use the technique (125 I, 103Pd implantation) in Beijing area for end-stage patients or patients unsuitable for external beam irradiation, alone or combined with chemotherapy retarding drugs, and this method improved quality of life of such patients.

X-knife stereo- tactic radiation system
For early stage solid tumor and inoperable patients, the X-knife stereotactic radiation technique was used with an accurate localization and individualized treatment plan. The technique benefits are noninvasive, painless, and easier to be accepted by these tumor patients.

Utilization of radio-sensitizer
First to use in China the EPO and other chemical drug like Glycididazole sodium for injection as radio sensitizers during radiotherapy, and relative better results of local control and symptom relief were obtained after equal dose irradiation.

⊙  Excellent radiation facilities including Linear Accelerator (Varian 2300C/D), 60Co Machine (imported from Canada), classic Simulator (Toshiba), X-knife (Brain LAB, Germany), CT Simulator (GE) and a powerful computerized Treatment Planning System (TriMed TPS, US), etc.
⊙  3D-CRT technique, Stereotactic X-knife technique, and TBI technique, etc.
⊙  Precision setup/locolization technique with face mask, body membrane, etc.
⊙  Excellent medical care service provided for patients.

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