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Dept. of Breast Cancer

Date: Jun-30-2008         Author:          Editor: Admin

Breast program combines surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, pathology, imaging diagnosis and preclinical medicine. Surgery is still dominating the treatment in our department, over 200 cases every year. There are 30 patient-beds. We mainly perform treatment and research of breast conserving and sentinel lymph nodes biopsy for breast cancer patients. One third of our patients are performed breast conserving therapy. Our center is on the leading level in China on little trauma surgery and SLNB for early stage of breast cancer, neoadjunctive chemotherapy and endocrine therapy for local advanced breast cancer. We have affluent experience in combined therapy for breast conserving in early breast cancer. Ten years survival rate for breast conserving patient is 92%. The rate of good cosmetic results is 87% with not only the same radical effect as radical mastectomy, but also improved life quality.

We have developed some new techniques such as little trauma therapy for both breast malignant and benign tumors, neoadjvant Endocrine therapy for post-menopause patients with large tumor which receives the same effects as with chemotherapy.

We currently hold an research programs:
1. international: Phase 3 Randomized Study of Luteal phase Versus Follicular Phase Oophorectomy and Tamoxifen for Premenopausal Women with Metastatic hormone Receptor-positive Breast Cancer.
2. Department of health: Clinical research of breast cancer HER-2/neu gene amplification detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization technique.
3. Beijing developing fund in 2006: Comparative study of early stage of breast cancer in MRI and mammography manifestation.

The department of radiotherapy posses the most advanced radiological technology and treatment facility, it has peculiarity in breast conserving radiation and conformal therapy. We have established tissue bank and perfect following up system for discharge patients, which is necessary treasury for our further research and finally conquer cancer. The department of Oncology, Capital Medical University has been set up in our hospital in May 2008. It provides us more extensive developing platform. An agreement between H. Lee Moffitt Cancer & Research Institute and Shijitan Hospital has been signed recently. Beijing shijitan Hospital will become a training center in Southeast Asia. We believe that the treatment level for breast cancer will be improved continuously with the endeavour of medical staff in our center.

The well known specialist of breast cancer Dr. Charles Cox is a consultant in our hospital.
We are rich of manpower and technique resource:
Odour director academician Dr. Yan Sun is a famous expert of oncology; Dr. Dapeng Lv is a MD, PhD chief physician. He is an expert of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer; Associate chief physician, Dr. Yanping Li is also a MD, PhD doctor, used to study in Oxford university in UK. She is also a Committee deputy of department of oncology capital medical university; Advisor of postgraduates of Beijing medical university, especially good at normalization treatment, breast conserving therapy and psychological treatment. Both Dr. Shidong zhang and Dr. Yihui Guo are associate chief physicians and have beening working for many years, they have redundant experience in dealing with breast diease. Chief physician Lijun Li is an expert in little trauma and targeting treatment of malignant tumors. Chief physician Tong Fang and associate chief physician Baojin Sun are experts in radiotherapy. Breast disease center is also a national commission unity of more than ten national tumor institutes, such as China Anticancer Institute, China Cancer Research foundation. It is subeditor and cosponsor unity of 揅hina Tumor Clinic and Rehabilitation. Our center is also one of national depots of clinical trials for new drugs. It is in charge of work in formulating the standard clinical path in Beijing.

⊙  Breast conserving therapy: Ten years survival rate for breast conserving patient is 92%. The rate of good cosmetic results is 87% with not only the same radical effect as radical mastectomy, but also improved life quality.
⊙  SLNB and radical operations with axilla reservation.
⊙  Neoadjuvant chemotherapy not only improves disease free survival but also decrease the tumor size and increase the proportion of breast conservation.
⊙  Preoperative and postoperative Endocrine therapy can improve patients' life quality and have achieved the similar effect as chemotherapy.
⊙  Breast cancer HER-2/neu gene amplification detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization technique.
⊙  All kinds of radical mastectomy, psychological treatment and guidance for functional rehabilitation.
⊙  Core needle biopsy and surgical biopsy with guide wire location.
⊙  Little trauma operation and Mammotome operations for breast benign tumor.
⊙  MRI software, mammography and sonography are reliable auxiliary examination methods.
⊙  Postoperative radiotherapy, breast conserving radiation , conformal therapy.
⊙  Plastic surgery, breast diminution surgery, nipple confectioning, mamma accessoria confectioning.
⊙  Male breast disease such as the diagnosis and treatment of male breast cancer and male breast hyperplasia.
⊙  Near infrared ray examination, propaganda and healthy teaching about breast disease and mass survey.
⊙  Tumor targeting treatment, chemical knife , microwave coagulation knife, condense knife and corpuscle knife, thermochemotherapy etc.
⊙  Expectant treatment, physical therapy and the traditional Chinese medicine for cyclomastopathy and mastodynia.
⊙  Fast detect of latest tumor markers for sub-clinical breast cancer.
⊙  Biotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, gene therapy and rehabilitation management for advanced stage patient.

⊙  MRI machine, SLNB detector, mammotome, core needle.
⊙  molecular medical laboratory, tissue bank, many genes and proteins can be detected.
⊙  radiation facilities: stereotaxis system and "X cutter" in the world. Doctors have abundant experience in dealing with radiation of breast conservation.
⊙  Near infrared ray is another characteristic of breast disease center. We use this machine to mass screening and has established diagnostic criteria of ourselves base on picture signature analysis of over 100.000 cases. We have contributed a lot to spread this technique and trained several thousands of doctors over 220 cities in our country.
⊙  Patient-rooms are newly decorated and rebuilt, bright, comfortable, clean and tidy, warm and fragrant. General wards, single rooms and high-ranking rooms are available.

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