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Dept. of Anorectal diseases, TCM

Date: Jun-30-2008         Author:          Editor: Admin

Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosing and treating center of anorectal diseases is a department of integrative medicine. We have ten specialists, including two of postgraduate degree. Meanwhile, our department invites Professor Wu Zuozhou, who is a famous national specialist and is the Chairman of integrative medicine committee of anorectal disease, as our honorary director.

The faculty have reasonable structures. The level of our department joins in first rank. The operating conceptions characterize both Traditional Chinese therapy and new theory or technology in treating anorectal diseases. The department has high ability of scientific research.

Wang Zhenbiao
Director of TCM diagnosing and treating center of anorectal diseases, associate chief physician, member of integrative medicine of anorectal diseases committee in Chinese Medical Association, member of activating blood to resolve stagnation committee in Chinese Medical Association, member of anorectal diseases committee in Beijing Integrative Medicine Association, member of Beijing Committee in Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Wu Zuozhou
Chief physician, famous national specialist of anorectal diseases, Chairman of large intestine and anus diseases committee in Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, Chairman of anorectal diseases committee in Beijing Association of Integrative Medicine, member of large intestine carcinoma committee in Chinese Anti-cancer Association.

1. Traditional therapy in treating hemorrhoids --- Medicated bath of Chinese Medicine.
2. Microwound method to remain dentate line --- external hemorrhoidectomy and sucture and ligation of internal hemorrhoid.
3. Hemorrhoids hemorrhage treatment --- 揾igh frequency electricity therapy.
4. Painless hemorrhoids treatment--- 揦iao Zhiling injection.
5. Therapy which don抰 damage anus function --- ligation therapy.
6. Objective inspecting method of constipation --- colonic transit test and defecography.
7. Effective treatment of obstipation --- complex operation.
8. Simultaneous treatment of branch and root in chronic colitis --- Chinese medicine.
9. Newest treatment of hemorrhoids --- 揚PH operation.

The department is equipped with standard ward (include toilet);
揇alishen computerized therapeutic equipment of hemorrhoids;
Microwave therapy apparatus;
Diagnosing system of colon and rectum scope;
Independent operating room;
Therapeutic equipment of medicated bath;
Rectum manometer.

Outpatient: Xia Yuqin    Zhang Zhiqiang
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Ward: Lai Kaiwen
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Nurse station: Wang Hongyun
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