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Dept. of Surgical Oncology

Date: July-5-2013         Author:          Editor: Admin

Well-known oncology surgery expert Professor Shao Yongfu, director of Dpt of oncology surgery, have carried out the surgical treatment for breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, liver, stomach, lung cancer, lymphoma and other difficult cancers. Overall strength of strong technical force, self-service warm in our oncology center. In recent years, we have taken the lead in particle chemotherapy and radiotherapy particles into the “particles knife”; “microwave knife” treatment of lung, liver; Breast-conserving surgery; low-rectal cancer surgery; laparoscopic surgery; frozen liver cancer treatment and intervention therapy; electrochemical treatment of cancer; treatment of advanced breast cancer and patients have improved the quality of life, extended survival period, and achieved marked effect.

Gao Hong
Deputy director of cancer center, deputy director of oncology surgery. Deputy Chief Physician, medical master's degree, the director of Beijing Branch of the Chinese Anti-cancer Association, Beijing Medical Awards Foundation chairman. Once studied in the University of Heidelberg. Specializes in the treatment of stomach, rectum, thyroid tumors and metastatic carcinoma and the application of radiotherapy, chemotherapy treatment particles with pancreatic cancer, liver cancer in the operation.
Clinical Schedule: Thursday morning
E-mail: drgaohong@yahoo.com

Lv Dapeng
Deputy director of breast cancer center. Director of doctors, Doctor of Medicine. “Chinese and Western Medicine” Managing editor, Haidian District, Beijing Medical Malpractice identification of the Group of experts. Specializes in breast disease diagnosis and treatment-conserving surgery, breast surgery and axillary-angioplasty and the breast forming technique, biological targeted therapy.
Clinical Schedule: Tuesday morning
E-mail: roc0867@sina.com

Lian zhengjie

Deputy Chief Physician

Bowel cancer treatment

Thursday afternoon

Guo yihui

Deputy Chief Physician

Breast cancer treatment

Wednesday afternoon

Rectal Cancer low position guaranteed anus technique
Hospital constantly explore perfected the low-rectal cancer surgery for 20 years, through the indications strict screening, the personalized selection of operation, the surgical operation of sophisticated techniques, with before and after with radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other treatment, to improve effect, reducing local recurrence rate and improve the quality of life of the patient after treatment goal, the large number of cancer patients both obtain the permanent control and retain the anus, filling with confidence in living and working.

Breast-conserving operation
Carry out comprehensive treatment of breast cancer (pre-operative systemic chemotherapy - conserving surgical treatment - chemotherapy - Radiotherapy), not only narrow the scope of the operation, an increase of the rate-conserving, improving the quality of life of patients, but also killing sub-clinical lesions and reduce systemic transfer opportunities and improve the survival rate of patients, with good clinical effect, is the internationally respected new model of breast cancer treatment.


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