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Dept. of Medical Oncology

Date: Jun-30-2008         Author:          Editor: Admin

Chemotherapy, including combined chemotherapy, Tumor Targeting Inactivation Therapy, Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine (ICWM) Treatment is a vital part of the therapy in the department of medical oncology. We can offer precise diagnosis and proper treatment for tumor by lots of new and professional methods, thus many intractable problems which puzzled other special tumor hospitals can be solved here.

The Tumor Targeting Therapy Center is the first one in China. We have numbers of patent technology, such as Tomography (CT) Simulation, Targeted Localization with 3D, Tumor Targeting Inactivation, Radiofrequency Ablation and Percutaneous Chemicalcatheter Ablation Therapy. We apply accurate, minimal-invasive and efficient 揼reen therapy to target and inactivate kinds of tumors. The therapy, such as Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation, Percutaneous Microwave Coagulation Therapy, Percutaneous Chemical Ablation Therapy and Percutaneous Chemotherapeutic Particles Intratumorally Implanted Therapy, arrives at the advanced world level. The diagnosis and treatment here for lung cancer and liver cancer are in the nationally leading position.

In the department of medical oncology and tumor targeting therapy center, there are specialist clinic, general out-patient clinic, wards with single-bed or double-bed room and day ward for clinic chemotherapy of special disease. The aim of our work and service is 搘arm, efficient and enterprising.

Furthermore, the department of medical oncology is the national committee member of tumor clinical cooperation committee of Chinese Society of Anti-Oncology, tumor minimally invasive treatment committee of Chinese Society of Anti-Oncology, tumor chemotherapy committee of Chinese Society of Anti-Oncology, tumor committee of China Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Cancer Foundation of China, and so on.

The department of medical oncology in Beijing Shijitan Hospital will hold the aim of 搒wift, efficient and warm, regards the patients life, health and satisfaction above all and obey the therapeutic principle of 揷ombination, target, high performance and green-recover to accompany you with healthy life.


Targeting Puncture Mediated by CT: Quick biopsy diagnosis of different kinds of tumors, and rapid final diagnosis of knotty tumors.

Tumor Targeting Inactivation Therapy Mediated by CT (Chemicalcatheter Ablation therapy, radiofrequency ablation therapy, microwave coagulation therapy, chemotherapeutic particles intratumorally implanted therapy): It is accurate, rapid and safe.

Combined Chemotherapy:
Most effective in killing metastatic cancer cells, lowest side effects, including radical and adjuvant chemotherapy, local chemotherapy and hyperthermic chemotherapy.

Bio-immunotherapy and Gene Therapy:
Molecular Targeted Therapy, such as Monoclonal Antibody therapy, Vascular Endothelial Factor Suppressive Therapy and Cytokine.

Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine (ICWM) Treatment:
Improving the curative effect

Palliative Treatment (such as support therapy, nutrition treatment, symptomatic treatment, acesodyne, and psychotherapy):
Improving quality of Life.

Ward: There are almost 30 beds in ward and 10 beds in day ward for clinic chemotherapy of special disease, with single or double room. The aim of our work and service is 搘arm, efficient and enterprising.

Equipment: Radio Frequency Therapy Device, Microwave Therapeutic Instrument, Ultrasonic Therapeutic Apparatus, Puncture Needle mediated by CT, Syringe Pump and kinds of First Aid Equipment.

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