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Dept. of Otolaryngology

Date: July-5-2013         Author:          Editor: Admin

The genesis of the clinic of Otolaryngology can be traced back to 1937, it was originally established by a Japanese doctor in the earl period of our hospital. “Department of five sense organ” was established after the foundation of the People’s republic of China. The Department of Otolaryngology has been an independent department since 1958. Dr. Lang JianHuan and Dr. Sun BaoKun, two distinguished professors of otolaryngology in China, was the chief of the department in session. They carried out lots of surgeries, such as total laryngectomy, tracheoscope, oesophagoscope, radical mastoidectomy, stapedectomy, facial nerve decompression. Dr. Li ShenSheng and Dr. Yang Seng took over the job. They carried out radical neck dissection, all types of partial laryngectomy, reconstruction of phonation. Through the arduous effort of predecessors, after the development in 70 years, today, our department has had considerable scale, special technical competence and reasonable personnel structure. All the senior doctors got refresher training in some top hospitals in Beijing, Some of us got refresher training overseas. We have completed many scientific research programs, some of these have been awarded by Bureau or Military of Railway.

We have the authorization to train postgraduate (enroll two persons each year) from Peking University health science center. We can provide 25 inpatient beds with good circumstance and facilities. Our outpatient amount can reach 20000 and surgical cases over 400 per-year.

Dr. JinShu Yin
Chair of ENT department, chief surgeon, Associate professor and supervisor of postgraduate student of Peking University.
Editorial board of Chinese journal of otology, Chinese archives of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, Chinese medical digest (news and reviews of Otolaryngology); Committeewoman of both China Otolaryngologicalist Committee and Beijing otolaryngologicalist committee; Specialist of medical malpractice judgement committee in Beijing.
Dr. Yin’s specific fields of interest include surgical approaches to chronic rhinosinusitis, nasal polyposis and tumors of the nose and sinuses, the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea and evaluation and care of voice disorders.

Dr. XiaoHong Zhou co-chief surgeon, chief of Teaching and Research Section of ENT department.
Dr. SuFu Liu co-chief surgeon.
Dr. Hong Peng co-chief surgeon.

Our feature
Technique of Endonasal surgery;
Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome;
Head-neck tumor All types of partial laryngectomy, reconstruction of phonation.

Facial Nerve Center
It is the first Chinese multidisciplinary facial nerve clinic, comprising of consultants from Otolaryngology, Neuroelectrophisiology, Plastic Surgery, Physical therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The center has a clinic and a 15 beds ward, allows patients receive their initial evaluation, treatment, follow up, and rehabilitative care from various specialists in a single location.

voice clinic
To diagnose and therapy all kinds of hoarseness, such as sudden aphonia, phonatory disorder, man with female tune, adolescent flexion and so on.

Hearing clinic
To test hearing for all kinds of deafness, imagining examination, to diagnose the degree, quality of deafness.

Snore clinic
To diagnose, analyze obstructive sleep apnea syndrome with polysomnography.


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