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Beijing Shijitan Hospital, the 9th Clinical Medical College of Peking University
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Dept. of Pediatrics

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The pediatrics department is a comprehensive one featuring hemotology and oncology therapy and early education for infants. It consists of a 13-bed-ward, 24-hours a day clinic and emergency room, and a healthcare and early education Centre. The department includes 15 staff members, including one doctor degree holder and 3 master degree holders.


Pediatric hemotology and oncology
We are the first in China to adopt the COALL97/GPOH German Protocol for therapy of children, Leukemia with outstanding performance. In addition, we also develop the clinical treatment and research of solid tumor.

Early education
The early years are crucial for the healthy social-emotional development and mental health of children. Early childhood education is necessary to promote their development. A set of methods of intervention and early education are developed since 1997 in our department, instructions are given on growth as well, both of which are highly appreciated by children and families.

Childhood health care
Services available: Check-up for 42-day-infant every Tuesday morning; Bcg vaccine inocuation and follow-up instruction in nutrition and growth of children; Trace element tests.

Research and education
We also place much effort upon research and medical education. The research program of “clinical and pharmacodynamical research after high-dose of L-asparaginase (40,000/m2/d) therapy in childhood with acute lymphoblastic leukemia” has received academy level science and technology Progress awards with a leading role in China.
Current research program is to investigate on the relationship between drug-resistance and clinical therapy and prognosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in childhood, and is funded by the “Homecoming Start-up Fund”.

Our hemotology ward is equipped with advanced dust-removal machines to keep the air flow clean, living facilities like microwave oven, sofa, refrigerator etc are also provided, making life in hospital easier. In addition, a quiet, clean and cozy environment plus sincere and reliable service in our ward are accessible to children.

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Doctor: Wu Wanshui    Nurse: Lv Yansong

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